The Anonymous Writer

The Journal With No Name
2013-01-19 11:09:03 (UTC)

The Story of A Betch to A Bitch

Dear Journal,

I have another problem. It's with Shirley. Again.
I can't handle this chick constantly bitching at me. She used to be this total betch. (A betch is not another term for a bitch. In this context use it as a total respectable, popular, assertive female.) In fact everybody thought she used to be a total betch, but now she has changed. She will forever be a bitch as far as I'm concerned.

I've been having problems with her ever since 7th grade. That was the year she grew up to be a little sluttier, a little more troublesome, and becoming mature in the sense that she was getting into drinking and such. Now, I'm fine with that now because I've realized I'm going to be around that no matter what, however, this girl has no limits to that subject. I also see that she is selfish, and she uses people for her own benefit. She's a total bitch, yet I constantly try to keep our friendship alive.

Why? Why, I don't know why I still do. I guess I keep telling myself that she'll be that betch again that everybody loved. She can be fun and sweet and a person I'd want to hang with every day. I just wished she would understand that if she was nicer to people and not a total bitch to everybody, then not only could she be insanely popular like she is, but she could be a person everybody just adores--including me. So I guess that's why I struggle to keep that friendship alive. (Not to mention she was my first friend in North Carolina.)

Of course there are problems with this bitch. I mean, it's pretty obvious there are problems with her. It'd be more surprising if there wasn't. And so Journal I am here to tell you about my most recent problem with her. Because quite honestly, I'm at a point where I'm might stop being a good friend and giving her a chance too many.

This problem with her started on Thursday night. You see, I don't have a phone due to listening to music too loudly, so I was left to DM Esther on twitter in order to talk to her about our Friday night plans with Bea. I asked her about rides, the place, etc. Then I told her about something that is the reason why Shirley is mad at me. I told Esther, "I don't know what to do with Shirley. I obviously rather invite you, but what do we tell Shirley? Should I just ask her to hang this weekend, because I feel bad."

I guess Shirley saw the DMs I sent Esther. I guess Esther never signed out of her twitter account on Shirley's phone. I guess Shirley thought I was her best friend. I guess Shirley saw that she's my 2nd choice. I guess I'd be upset too if I were in her situation. However I'm not. And that's because I'm not a total bitch to my best friend and isolating her from Esther. I'm not selfish and don't act immaturely to somebody I don't like. Therefore, I'm not apologizing to her.

All day at school on Friday, I kept seeing Shirley threatening to hit me behind my back. All day, there was a constant bitchy whispering coming from her. All day she was being totally rude and disrespectful to me. Everybody was staring at Shirley in complete awe. If I would have punched her yesterday, there is no doubt in my mind that people would not run to Shirley's aide. No, in fact they'd give me a slap on the back and a thumbs up. She was acting that much of a bitch... Let's make that clear.

I'm not apologizing to her for picking Esther over her. This whole situation is so childish. Her display of anger--or whatever it is--just further proves why I'd pick Esther over her. Esther is the best friend I have down in this Hillybilly state. I've never had a problem with her, but Shirley? Hah, I have a problem with that bitch every day.

And I'm now being told it's because she's jealous of me.
And that's ridiculous.
And yet, I could see how that is true, what with her family's money issues and such.
And the fact that everybody likes me, and she has one friend; Esther.

I don't know. I just feel like Shirley is always bitching at me. Yet, I'm foolish enough to let the fight blow off and scramble like a little servant in order to respawn the friendship we had in 6th grade.

It's been almost 2 full years being lost in this cycle. How long can a betch go to remain friends with a bitch?

Signing out,
Brooke Something

P.S. I'm having a sleepover this Monday night. I'm regrouping up all of the old 6th grade gang. So basically, everybody that was in the "popular" group plus Molly who moved last year. That way Caitlyn, who we kicked out of the group for being a bitch, will see that we want to be her friend again. That she just needed to learn a lesson. And aboveall, this sleepover will regroup our friends again. I would love to see everybody be friends again. But here is the plot twist: Esther is coming, which means Shirley can't go. Guess this is going to be interesting. Especially with this new problem in full effect.