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2013-01-19 04:59:28 (UTC)

I want him back

I miss him I miss his smile I miss the way he looks at me the way he looks down instead of saying no or yes the way he looks off to the side and pretends he can't hear me or when he looks at me like tell me now!! I miss his warm hugs that would always make me smile and how he would hold out his arms when I had had a terrible day and he wraps his arms around me and I cry and cry and cry and cry and we don't say anything I just cry and it's like he understands everything perfectly clear without me saying anything. I miss holding his warm soft hands, we would always hold hands and he would tell me I was beautiful and smile. I would love it when he would tell me that I was beautiful and look into my eyes and we would be holding hads and I would wish that that moment would last forever and that it could just stay there in pause so I could cherish it ! I miss him givin me his jacket because I was cold or when he would hug me for a long Tim trying to warm me up! I remember this one day like yesterday it was cold and windy and I was sitting and he sat next to me and put his arm around me then he gave me his jacket and I laid my head on his shoulder and he looked into my eyes and I felt this connection and it was amazing and are faces got closer and closer then because I was a stupid Idiot I turned my head because I was scared but if I had it to do over again I would have missed him. I miss him with all I have left, he pushes the sorrow and the depression away and the sun would shine down on my face but when he left me the sorrow and depression came back and then the sun was gone in my heart it was cold and the love went way and turned to sadness and hatrid and I have never been the same since he left me vontable and hopeless with nothing but hard ache. I miss him and I want bm back,.

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