Slaves Journey
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2013-01-18 21:44:44 (UTC)


We are all surrounded by them. People who feel the are allowed to judge us based on so many things. I guess after a while especially in the lifestyle I live it comes with the territory. I have made some decisions that have gotten me thrown into the judgment corner. I am standing here making decisions that I choose to make while some in my life are so quick to judge and so openly express themselves. Now I do not mind given the past circumstances people having some reservations but they do not need to throw it all down my throat. I am so tired of hearing but we care about you, we want you to be happy, we want what is best for you...

ummmmmm???? What about what I want? What I see as what is best for me? I am a grown woman, why am I not allowed to make my own choices of who I want to be with?

We all make mistakes. We all go through rough patches and do things out of anger and hurt. I know I have and I have admitted those things and so has Master. We are working on building us back together. I do not see why it really is anyones business..

I think some need to take a look at themselves and worry about that rather than me..