Experienced Life
2013-01-18 02:09:10 (UTC)

Support from friends

Where would I be without the support of my friends? I told a few core friends about what happened. They came out and really backed me up. Their support and kindness is unbelievable. If only the ex had an ounce of what my friends have, she'd be a much better person.

So we went out to happy hour today and went to a salsa class later. I have to say it was fun. Tomorrow (or should I say later tonight), my friend is going to come over and help me clean up the mess my ex left behind when she ransacked the house. What women would come over to s guys house just to help clean up a mess done by someone else?
I told her she was crazy to offer but I said ok.

Saturday, she penciled me in to go wine tasting via a chartered bus in Lodi I think. I guess I need to keep myself busy so I don't go nuts.. When I got home the other day and found out what happened, I immediately took out anything that would remind me of the kiddos so I wouldn't get depressed.

Tonight at happy hour, I figured I may as well hit rock bottom and get turned down on a date. I asked this tom boyish but very pretty women that I'm starting to get to know at my group I hang with. Her name is Erica. I said we should go to a casino after payday and she said yes! Wtf?!

So as doors close in my life, it just may be true that other doors open. We shall see. I know that I just need to stay busy for the time being and hopefully, I can get out of this rut.

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