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2013-01-17 09:50:45 (UTC)

The Dog Days Are Over

Dear Journal,

Do you know how you're parents always reminisce about the good ol' college days? They both talk about what they did, what they achieved, and what their reputations were. Then as soon as they finish with their college memories, they reopen the door to reality and suddenly sigh. The sigh is an indication for us kids that your parents are not entirely pleased with what their life turned out to be. Sure, they're thrilled they have you as a child! However, they may have never gotten to do everything they hoped to do one day. All of those hopes and dreams seemed so achievable in those good ol' college days. But now as they are adults? Eh. . . it may not seem so bright to them anymore.

That doesn't mean that they can not achieve those dreams anymore. I believe that nothing is possible as long as you have imagination, perseverance, a little money, and a somewhat ability to get people to like you. If you have all of those things, then my god you could do whatever your heart desires. So forget about the dog days being over. The dog days are not over! The only dog days that will be over is my 12-year-old mutt, Stormy. And that's only because he actually is a dog, who may die any day due to old age.

So chins up people! Even if you feel like the best of your days is well pasted, remember this: As long as you press on your pursuit of happiness, then anything beyond your wildest dreams can be unleashed. It may sound corny, but it's true.

Maybe it'll help if I swear, so you don't think I'm getting all sweet on you guys. Ready? Fuck the fears. Bitches will always be judging on what you want to do, but honestly they're all just talking shit because they know they're too afraid to take chances. So you go to these bitches and say, "Kiss my ass! I'm going to follow my dreams."

Better? Damn right!

Now, I'm bring this topic up because I've always been crazy on all sorts of dreams and wishes. I know I'm young-too young to achieve all of my dreams for now-but I can achieve the ones I'm able to while I'm in "the school years." For instance my weight, my medical knowledge, my traveling obsession, and my tennis profession. All of these I can achieve. And all of these I will strive to achieve. And all of these I will achieve. You want to know why? I have the imagination, the perseverance, a little money, and a somewhat ability to get people to like me.

So honestly, fuck this dog days are over. Open the dog days door and shut it really tight. You better yourself every day. You are better than every memory you have. Every minute of every day you become stronger, older, and much more wiser. So do what you want to. I will be.

Signing out,
Brooke Something