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2013-01-16 18:37:48 (UTC)

Winds of change again

Well, it seems I'm here writing the same song. Hmm, I should have enough history in this diary that I can "cut and paste" my life happenings.
So, I did what all my friends told me not to do. I did let the Ex come back into the house with the kids. I was able to help the kids out.
Chris (7 yrs old) was catching up on his reading and writing. He's in the 2nd grade reading in kinder level. I bought a very good software program for him in addition to hiring a tutor to come to our house twice a week. He was going to be caught up by the end of the school year.

Veronika (10 yrs old) is more artistic and I bought her a clarinet and guitar. She does well in school and I hired a music teacher to give her lessons too.

All was going well (or so I thought) then today, I get a text that the ex got a job in Pharump Nevada and she's going to take the kiddos with her to live there next month. Of course, when I got home, the house was ransacked again ( this is the copy paste stuff ) and their stuff are gone. It appears that I have my things though so that is cool. Then again, she already took my things previously so I don't have much left anyway.

The ex did leave a letter saying she left because I was still hanging out with my friends from the group. Funny she doesn't mention the fact that her ex boyfriend sent me a text that she sent to him indicating she loved him with all her heart and sould ( another copy paste situation ).

Before she came back, I did say lets lay everything on the table once and for all and start with a clean slate. I promised not to hang with my friends (even though they did nothing morally wrong ) and she would in turn tell me all that happened with her boyfriend (Diamond).
All truths and all happening were to come out at that time.

Well, about 3-4 months ago, the asshole called me asking to speak with Maria. Only, he didn't ask for Maria. He asked to speak to his wife. lol. Apparently, they got married back around Aug 2011. She apparently forgot to mention this during the " clean slate" discussion. In her defense, she did say that they have filed for divorce. I say woop-ty-fucking-doo!! So much for keeping the honesty in the relationship.

I just smirked and said to myself, that figures. She is consistent in her ways and I'm the idiot for trying to make things right.

A month or so ago, I asked her what she was even doing here since she doesn't really want to be here. I asked if it was because she had nowhere to go for now so she hung out here in the meantime but just didn't tell me. She denies this as usual ( copy paste again ).

I know I'm not telling this story in the right order. My mind is just a little shell shocked so I'm not as composed as I'd like to be. Here I sit of my sofa, house trashed because the ex did her infamous "move while I"m at work thing again" ( more copy paste scenario ).

The only thing I feel bad about are the kids. They are again being uprooted by their mom without any thought of their well being. I got a letter from the older girl saying she was sorry they are leaving again all of a sudden (copy paste).

House does look like shit though. This sucks but this will pass once again (copy paste). Self esteem is a little dented but I'll survive as usual. 2013 sure sucks for me right now. And I spent a bunch of money for gifts so I'm pretty poor this month.

Now I'm getting texts from her saying she left behind her heart and that she left because I was hanging with friends. (copy paste shit once again.). I can't even argue with her because of how ridiculous it is. So, now I just need to clean this fucking house and pick up the pieces in my life once again.

My diary friends were right. Amber and Michele. Same old same old huh? I'm such a dumb ass! That's all the unorganized chattering I got for now. Later diary :(

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