we're nothing but puppets
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2013-01-16 22:51:18 (UTC)

tomorrow will be better?

today was supposed to be a great day. i already saw it ending perfectly for the first time in weeks,guess i just jinxed it. it is funny how things turn around in a split second. i guess that when it starts bad it never stops being bad. it's just something that follows you around. It's a funny thing,that "tomorrow will be better" quotes,give you false hope,maybe something to look forward to even if it's just for a while but is it worth it? is that a little while worth the feeling of disappointment moments later? life crushes us,and tomorrow WON'T be better. you'll cry,you'll repeat the same mistakes as yesterday,you'll drown in self-pity and whatnot. i can't change my life tho,stars aren't my final destination and happiness is not something that'll stick around. oh fuck this.see?-i'm self-pitying again and yesterday i told myself TOMORROW WILL BE BETTER.

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