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2013-01-16 15:58:37 (UTC)


Life, a journey
making mistakes and forgetting
with no u-turn
still an assurance that everything will be alright
we just need to be strong enough to fight
fight away the blues, fight away the cries
and get through the happiness which deep down lies
God is there to hell us through
provided the seven deadly sins are not in you
the sins, oh sins,
word itself has the seven sins
we feel the pride after committing a sin
envy others who are into it
gluttony and avarice to commit more
as in us, anger and lust grow
and not doing anything just thinking of sins ,
sloth, another comes in

we look at ourselves
loving our body, admiring our face
we know it's the self, we are too much obsess
our talent, our abilities
underestimating other's capabilities
ain't doing any wrong
just our evil getting strong
as we sin, pride
from heaven it can't hide!

look at her status, the car, the dress
look at me, always in mess
other's are so well off and so much luckier
to them i may seem to be inferior
these are the feelings that we possess
when we know we don't have that access
we get jealous, we envy
another sin and we be grumpy

i want this, i want that
i want everything more and more
till the time i'm not fulfilled
i'l not stop and continue to roar
this is gluttony, desiring more than what we need
and keep on sinning in every deed

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