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2013-01-16 08:06:04 (UTC)

Moments in Life

There are certain moments in life we have to make the right decision. It fascinates me how as human beings we constantly make the same mistake over and over again. First of all we have to realise the moment. That is a decision has to be made NOW. Some people myself included sometimes are not even in tune with our lives and don’t even realise the moment. The moment to leave that Job, the moment to get that book and read, the moment to make that call, the moment to see a doctor, the moment to stop that habit, the moment to shut up, the moment to talk, the moment to sleep, the moment to wake up, the moment to think…..it goes on. A lot of the times we are like a feather on the surface of the ocean. Pushed around by the current in a random path, waves come and throw us about and we just go in all direction. This is when we are not aware of moments. Other times we know the moment but we make the wrong decision, sometimes even worse as we are aware we are making the wrong decision but we can’t help it, in some cases it is addiction, excitement, laziness, ignorance, pride etc. The consequences of the decisions we make at those moments vary in effect, sometimes fatal, sometime futile, sometimes damaging, sometimes we may be lucky but one thing that is clear is that it is irreversible….gone! That moment has gone. It was there we made the decision and that is it. It becomes a fact and we have to live with that decision and face the consequences or benefits of the decision. Why it is that such an imperative thing is taken so lightly, why are we so nonchalant? Today some of us will face major, minor and or intermediate moments yet we would make the wrong decisions or be oblivious to it.

The key to life is to be aware, to be aware we have these moments; they come thick and fast, never relenting. We need to know about these moments. Once we know them then we need to respect them. Then we need to equip ourselves with the tools necessary to not only make the right decisions for ourselves but also to implement them. There is no point in you saying the moment has come for me to stop that thing without first of all searching deep inside yourself for the reasons why you do that thing, talk to people (even professionals if you need to) and then make a decision. It doesn’t have to be a drastic decision it could be broken down into simple multiple decisions i.e. baby steps. I have so many moments right now. I have to make a decision about my finances, I am at an all-time low and I feel depressed about it, but will not give in to depression. One way out for me is to sit down and talk to my wife about it. This is the person I hold a grudge against regarding my finances. My woes are mainly self-inflicted but I am bitterly disappointed by her reactions towards my finances, it is as if she was to see me ruined financially. Now this is the same person I am contemplating going to sit down with to discuss my finances and how she can help. We are talking about a person (me) who is so proud. That my diary is a major moment. I struggle with it but I know I have to make the right decision. I also have to start reading for my Msc in Mathematics NOW, not tomorrow not weekend, not next week, NOW. That is another moment. The list goes on….