Slaves Journey
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2013-01-15 14:02:46 (UTC)


I now the old cliche, think its something like its takes a minute for me to give you my trust but once its broken it can take a lifetime to repair. There is a lot of truth in that but its up to us to allow ourselves to trust again.

The relationship with my Master has been in turmoil for the past month. Trust has been broken on both ends and we are working at resolving this and moving ahead. Some days are easier than others, but one thing I have learned the past week is that I need to allow myself to trust him from me. Meaning that no matter what he does or says if I cannot find it within myself to trust him nothing he does will even matter. This is not an easy task at all. I have found myself taking it minute by minute at times. I am learning to stop the blame game. Stop making demands on him, or telling him he has to do x,y, and z for me to trust him.

I have given him back my trust in him. I hope he is very careful with it, always mindful of how precious it is.