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2013-01-14 16:14:35 (UTC)

Calm Before The Storm

"Open Season" by High Highs

The insides are silent.
The one thing really bothering me about me is my weight. I want it to drop so bad... and i do that by not eating, and lots of gum.

I want to eat.

but I don't want this stomach...

Other than that, eh.

I was going to turn my diary private but I was asked not to. I suppose I won't write again until something interesting (or something I find interesting) happens.

For now, here's a tidbit of gossip: Woohoo!

That night, in Lily's house, Marina told me something. She said, "I can't trust anyone, they all give up on me, every last person. Lily.... she gave up. She told everyone in French that I frenched-

(wait, sorry..haha....she said kissed, not frenched but I just...had to ahahha. 'Cause she was in French class. Get it? yeah?? Hazhahaa.jokes.)

-kissed a twenty one year old. She gave up. You gave up. They all gave up"

And thats where I will end. She said more, but I think she meant for me to keep that private. This, on the other hand, is already known by my group of friendly fishes.

I'm not funny.

Anyhow, two weeks later, Marina is not talking to Lily. Not exactly fighting but... Well, they aren't talking because rumor got around that Marina actually had sex with this guy and she's [Marina] blaming it on Lily, probably rightfully so, but I wouldn't know.

I don't know Lily's side of the story, like why she had to go tell people or who she told.

It makes me... a little bit happy they aren't talking. As weird as that sounds. I don't know, don't ask me, I shall go now, Adios.

I'm sorry my writing has been really sloppy these past couple days, i will try to be on track with my grammar and dating tomorrow or whenever I write next.

I apologize.


PS: Marina did not actually have sex with a twenty one year old. She isn't like that. And Lily didn't tell people Marina had sex with this dude. It just got out of control.