Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2012-12-12 14:19:46 (UTC)


I find i don't have much to say to anyone. which is to say, I have nothing particularly meaningful, well, in some ways, thats just how i feel. I think it's levels of trust more than anything. things have gone pear-shaped, my grand plan as it were, has been co-opted, mostly because of a few choice bad decisions by me, but also from circumstances beyond my control, for which i didn't plan far enough ahead to deal with them properly.

The car is being written off by icbc, not something I had planned for. I don't even know how much I'm going to get back, nor even when, and I don't even know if they're deciding to blame me 100% or only 50/50. The driver who started the cascade event which cause the driver in front of me to swerve and veer out of the lane, who was initially chatty, has suddenly become very quiet since it appears as though ICBC has decided that they caused the event for me crashing into the guy in front of me. However, the guy in front of me, stopped, for no reason in the middle of the way, and he's now on the defensive. There's a lesson here kids, make sure the record button is working on your iphone when you take pics of the damage of your car and the other persons, and video of the entire event, regardless everything else. It will make your life easier. All i know is that I'm screwed. Screwed in the instance that I had to quit my job because the tire blew on the car and without the car, I can't work, well, I can't get the easy work of doing delivery driving. which I was making a decent $20 an hour. but, for now, I'm SOL.

I started taking a class at Douglas, a math upgrading class, I wish my SFU app had gone through already, but they're still deciding on my app, so for this term I'm doing, math. yay. I did the placement test for the math classes and did well on the first 2 pages, the last 3 I wrote, "I AM A FISH". They thought it was funny. But they didn't get the reference, which is fine. On the english test, the guy marking it said he had to look up 3 words I'd used in the essay, to say that I was pretty smug afterwards, is an understatement. I had a the biggest shit eating grin ever, hah. It was a bright spot on an otherwise cloudy day. So now I'm taking this class, but, and there always is a but, I may drop it.

The reason I may drop it, is that because the annuity took so long to deal with, I can no longer declare bankruptcy without moving, and by moving, I mean to another province. Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, these are the destinations I have in mind. Or, I have to wait. Til minimum June before I can declare. Originally i was supposed to have gotten the money last May, well, I didn't. So now I may get dinged with "you spent the money to avoid paying your debts off". Which is exactly what I did, but the circumstances were untenable, Rbc was being intractable, the student loans people were being unhelpful, and I needed a car. So, it's all blown up in my face. I can wait, but, if i do, I'm looking at 6 months longer before being able to do anything. Which means, waiting 6 months to declare, then the 9 months of bankruptcy, which puts me into March of 2014, which means I wont be able to get new student loans until May of 2017. Which means it'll be exceptionally lucky to finish my degree in the summer of 2019. But I'll have had to use a line of credit for 4 terms instead of 3 (the theory being I start my degree courses at Ubc or SFU in january 2017), and then it's I have to wait "x" time before I can get started on my graduate degree. 8 years maybe 9. can I wait that long? should I? I really don't know.

I think I've missed the forest for the trees. So, Tuesday, I find out about the car, maybe. Tuesday also happens to be the second class, which I haven't paid for yet, which I'll need to if I don't get good news. It's all one big fustercluck. haha. sigh.