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2013-01-09 20:28:17 (UTC)

8th Grade Turns Into 5th Grade

Dear Journal,

Just recently, like just an hour ago, something really strange happened at tennis today. Now I'm not sure what exactly happened because I'm still in complete shock. (However don't think somebody died or anything of that sort!)

But basically it went like this:

I was warming up with my friend, Julie when Julie sees Dave being kind of lonely and asks if he wants to hit with us. He says yes and so we warm up. Uneventful, I know. What you don't know is that Dave is this boy that Z messes around with saying that him and I were in a relationship and we are going to be married as if he's trying to set us up. (Although he'd never do such a thing! That's just how he joshes around.) Now Dave and I are pretty close, to the point where we can easily hit with another out of clinic, I have his number, have been in his house, and ate his Russian drinks and food. So basically we are good friends.. for the most part.

Ok, I'll get to the point now. My bad! I tend to dwell into detail sometimes, heh.

So while we are all warming up, Z comes over to me and starts talking to me.

Z: Kevin just asked me if you wanted to be his partner for the mixed doubles.

(There's a tournament at my club and they're holding a mixed doubles next weekend. Z has mentioned it to me just the previous day.)

Me: Kevin didn't actually ask me. You're just saying that.

(Z is the type of person to do that! He wants his players to play with each other. Plus, why would Kevin, a year below me yet college-level player, want to be my doubles partner?)

Z: He did! I mentioned to his mom if he wanted to hit with Bridgett, Julie, or you and as soon as I said your name, she said you.

Me: Woah, really!? I don't believe you...

At that moment Z shouts across 2 courts to receive Kevin's attention. He asks if he would want to be my doubles partner and Kevin replies a yes.

Keep in mind, that was in front of Dave.

Then later on in clinic, I was partnered up with Kevin. Imagine that! Now, we did pretty well. Not to say we weren't missing shots we could have easily have gotten to, but we weren't ever double partners before. We were shaky, so what? At the end however, we did end up beating a really great team.

Then came the tennis drama for the day..
I forgot my tennis bag across the tennis courts so I had to retrieve it. Julie followed me. I looked at my phone and I saw my dad had texted me. (My dad was at the clinic, but a great distance from me.) He had wrote to me that I should ask Kevin tonight because Dave is wondering if I wanted to be his partner. Stuck in a corner, I showed the text to Julie in effort of her guiding me away from the corner. And so she did.

Julie: Kevin, come over here!

Kevin: Why?

Julie: Brooke has something to tell you.

Kevin: What?

Brooke: Do you want to be my doubles partner?

Kevin shrugs his shoulders. We are all walking. Kevin's a half a yard ahead of us, but we manage to hold the conversation anyway.

Brooke: This is like 5th grade all over again. It's not a hard question. It's either a yes or a no.

Kevin: I think we are being partners already. It's a yes.

And Julie and I laughed. And Kevin was Kevin, being the very stoned-expression-boy that he is. And Kevin's mom and my dad talked and we got a pamphlet to join. And all in life is good. Great in fact! I'm partners with the star player-a honor it truly is!!

One problem though. Dave's mom asked my dad to be my partner before I asked Kevin. Luckily, my dad didn't say yes or no. He just told her that Dave had to ask. And he didn't. So it sucks to be him.
But this whole situation really reminded me as one of those 5th grade dramas in the playground. Girl asks boy. Boy shrugs and acts all shy. There's another boy wanting to be with this girl. A triangle occurs. Girl gets to be with targeted boy. Other boy is devastated. And.. get the point.

So now here it is. Me playing with Kevin. It's going to be very interesting and I'm a little nervous because I need to play well. I want to do well. I want Kevin to see me as a really great player-all his friends do! In fact he's the only one who doesn't talk to me much. That's all changing though. Thank goodness. I may be finally considered as "one of the boys."

Signing out,
Brooke Something

P.S. Bryce asked to be my partner too. At least that's what Z told my dad. Aren't I just a popular girl?

P.S.S. The gossip girl thing at the high school reached to the administrators. They pulled kids out to figure out who it is. It's yet to be determined. This anon hasn't been tweeting lately though. I wished I could find out who it was. I'm pretty sure this anon stopped while they were still hot. I kind of want to thank them in a way. Is that sick of me?

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