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2013-01-06 16:37:26 (UTC)

When Parents Find Out..

Dear Journal,

Not much good has being going on around here lately. First, there is my diet, er new healthy lifestyle, I've been ruining lately. Second, there's my lack of concentration to study for my midterms this Wednesday. And finally, there's a part where the Popovic parents found out something very, very bad.

But first! Let's get to my diet. Sorry, folks. But this is a big deal to me. And this is my fucking journal. So read it, scroll down to the end, or even just click out of this journal all together--I really don't give a fuck. Anyway, I've been indulging myself with food more than I should have. It's like that night at China Wok woken up my inner food-animal and now it's barking for more and more delicious food. I'm having a harder time saying no to things. And so when I see Andes Mint cookies, I eat one. When I see cookie dough, I eat three. And I eat much, much more than I did the previous couple days. It's so bad. How am I ever going to get skinnier? I really need to get some of that extra inner thigh fat off me before Freshman year in order to look spankin' hot! Honestly, that's all I'm asking for. I just need help. I need somebody to push me, and there's nobody here to stop me from eating bad quality or quantity food(s). I feel like I'm in a prison cell. I fell trapped, and dirty, and unable to break free from what put me in there. Honestly, I need somebody's help. I just don't know who the fuck to turn to!!

Alright, alright. Enough of my ranting. Now let's move right along to my lack of concentration just because at least it's something else to complain about! And you know what? I really, really should be studying, but I somehow really, really can't even focus on the lettering or what my study guide is saying. And that's bad. I need straight A's, maybe even just one B, to keep my parents content. You see, if I get good grades my parents don't care about having my invite friends over, or having two sleepovers in one weekend, or any of that shit. If I get the good results, I get the good consequences. Simple as that.

Now, I just need to get the good grades for these midterms. I need to be able to hang out with my friends ever-so-often. Otherwise, I won't be able to handle being stuck inside my house all the time. I may binge! And to be frank, that's most likely what's going to happen. And I'd really, really hate myself if I did that.

Now, here comes the ultimate bad-drama-rama-filled event of this entry! When the Popovic parents found out something very, very bad...

And what did they find out?

Well, remember how I told you that I found out Shirley had sex? Well one of the fucking nights when that happened, Esther's parents and family friend parents left to go have a drink. And when the parents left, Shirley invited 2 boys inside Esther's apartment. One of the boys was Peeta, who is Shirley's boy toy... the other was Lee, who used to be the guy Esther hooked up with. Now Lee has a girlfriend. But anyway..

Throughout the night, all of them drank alcohol. Esther and Lee were having shots on Esther's balcony. Peeta and Shirley were definitely having sex and other things in Esther's bedroom. And right in the smack dab living room was Esther's little sister Stella, their family friend the same age as Stella, and the family friend that's my age. So um, yeah poor little kids, right?

Well, it gets worse.

Lee eventually wanted to play legos with the kids. And so they did. While that was happening, the family friend my age asked Esther what was in the gatorade bottle. In the most innocent, yet guilty tone ever Esther responded back, "Water." Unfortunately though, Stella was smart enough to know it wasn't water. And so she shouted that out. And so Shirley paid her 20 dollars to not tell the parents about what was going on.

Then they all left. They went outside towards the apartment complex's park and tennis court. There Shirley and Peeta were at it, and Lee and Esther were a distance away drinking and talking.

Then the boys left.

Then the parents came.

Mama Popovic was upset they were outside, but all she knew was that they were stargazing on the tennis courts. Little did she know what actually happened.... and all was happy in that household for a while. A good week, matter of a fact.

But Papa Popovic was suspicious. So he asked around and found out what happened. (I'm not so sure about the sex part, but the fact that there were boys in his home was founded out,) and so Esther is now grounded. Mama Popovic called Shirley's mom. But Shirley's mom, Haley (we call her Hals) asked Shirley and so Shirley told her about guys coming over, but Mama Popovic doesn't know that and so that's that...

Oh and then there's the part where Esther is not allowed to hang out with Shirley! Not alone, ever. Not until Shirley shows that she has changed, which will never happen. And the only time they can hang out is when they are in a group, which means if they're with me or Becca or both. So umm.. yeah. That's what happens when parents find out you do bad things.

I can't talk to Esther because her phone is taken away too. So I can't talk to her about it. And I wish I could, but obviously there is no other way to until I see her at school tomorrow. PS she's telling Shirley tomorrow too.

Well, that's my life!!!!

Signing out,
Brooke Something

P.S. My aunt is coming in town tonight! I haven't seen her since last year and maybe even a few months. It's been so long, I can hardly wait!

P.S.S. Monday is going to be very interesting. Keep you guys posted.