Too basic for all you bitches
2013-01-04 07:06:11 (UTC)

Absolue Nonsense

All I really want to do write is go to the beach and walk along the shore for the rest of my life. And the beach I'd preferably want to do that on is that beach that daddy and I went to in San Francisco because that's the only beach where I can actually, vividly remember going. I don't know, I really like that city, and I guess since I've been there so many times that I've learned the surroundings and such. But only in like the main part of the city. My friend lives both here and in the Mission district of San Francisco, and I honestly don't know where that is, but I really like going to China town because of all the cute shops they have there. I also really like going to the Exploritorium too, haha, I've had so many good memories with friends at that place. You know, I kinda wish that this could be publicly read by people all over the world because it can get lonesome at times, just writing here, having no one to read your thoughts. I mean, some people think that's just an amazing thing, not having anyone know about them, but me? I don't think anyone knows the real "me." Great, now I sound like one of those tumblr hipsters where they write love stories on paint sample cards. I try to aim away from that, but since I do have one, it tends to rub off on me from time to time. You know what? I don't even remember what I was intentionally going to take about on here. It is nice to get out all my feelings and thoughts, but not having someone read this is giving me a headache. yeah, I know what you're thinking, "why do crave other people's opinions?" I honestly don't know. Maybe because as a child I was more prone to making mistakes, and having a dad like mine who should I put this...a perfectionist, it's just, hard. Wow, look at me, if I had to write an essay on absolutely nothing, AND have a world limit of say, 500 words? Psh, I would have an A already. 300 words, but who's counting? I'm certainly not(; hehe the word count is. But whatever, I'm sorry if this makes no sense, I'm sort of just trying to kill time before my dad yells at me to "turn off that god damn computer, and GO TO SLEEP!!!" Anyways, I'm probably going to put this, uh, entry up on a different site (the one you're currently reading this on) so sorry if the middle part doesn't make sense. Actually, I should have put this as the header but whatever (: Until next time.