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2013-01-04 02:25:27 (UTC)

Happy 2013 !

happy 2013 . lol . so for new years i went to Sarah Jay's house and Alyssa , Maddie , Hayley , Hannah , Connor Stevenson , Ethan , Dolan , and Zach were all there . and this was pretty much the party :

-turning on the music
-hayley &ethan might as well have been having sex ..they were makin out and grinding and touchin all over each other the whole time
-connor &i became twins
-i pretty much dj'ed
-drinking 'champagne' til it hurt
-eating pizza
-playing twister
-truth or dare
-watching the ball drop &going crazy

soo , it was a pretty insane party even though a lot of people werent there . it was fun but it wore me out . lmao . well yeah , i hope everyones new year started off well . byeee .<3

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