Fallen from Grace
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2013-01-03 12:09:02 (UTC)


Hello Diary its 6:40 am. Well its 3 days past the New Year. I been giving a lot of thought to these new year resolutions. I would like to lose weight but lets be realistic that’s cosmetic and though obtainable I want something deeper…

I believe I have my resolutions together here they are. I want to take up my passion of writing. I miss being like Da Vinci with my words. Secondly, I want to put a little bit of money on my walmart gift card every chance I get so I can buy myself something nice for my birthday. Partake in hobbies outside of gaming. I have noticed if I am quiet most times I am doing one of 4 things… Concentrating, Over thinking, Depressed or all 3. I also want to stop talking so much. I need to listen more. I need to be slower to speak. I have a poem I am working on right now just havent gotten around to finishing it yet. I think I will post it when I finish.

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