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2013-01-01 21:17:18 (UTC)


t's the first of Jan, 2013.

I've just received a text from some club promoter along the lines of 'happy 2013. Set your goals and work hard to achieve them'

Made me think what are my goals for this year? Not that I haven't thought about it until now, but just that usually I steer clear of making any resolutions, because I read once (and also agree), that New years resolutions are detrimental to the success of any goals or ambitions. I don't remember what the reasons were. But Have I ever stuck by a NY resolution? No.

Off the top of my head, my goals this year would be:

1. firstly to get a new job in a creative agency. Preferably AMV BBDO. I put my eggs in one basket at times, but I find that when you do, and you want something enough it usually happens. I've read many a times that one should set 'mini-goals' which to actualise the materialisation of the 'major goal', as to not overwhelm oneself. Thus, mini-goals to meet in order to make this happen are as follows:

a. add changes provided to you by sue B, and resend to grey advertising.
b. create an advert of yourself to market yourself and skill set.
c. get in touch with New guy at RGA
d. Get in touch with BBH
c. Get in touch with Future Lab
d. Contact Advertising agencies in New York, LA, Chicago, San Fran, Australia, New Zealand
e. Speak to Olives friend

Maybe I'll work towards achieving x3 mini goals every month, to keep track of my progress. I think an online system like 'typepad' or a brainstorming/organisiation/to-do list system would be beneficial for this.

2. Keep better in touch with my mummy/daddy

a. send them photos using viber
b. text/email once a week