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2013-01-01 11:06:38 (UTC)

Bells Ringing In The New Year

Dear Journal,

My, my do I have wonderful stories to tell you!

Ok, so I'll just warm up to the worst/best part. So here I goooooo:

Kalvin just started talking to me. He texted me and we talked and are still talking and I like him a lot more, as a friend, now. He's pretty cool. We never got to just talk like that. Not in a while anyway. I hope our friendship like this lasts longer because I really do like him as a friend.

Oh, and happy new years!! Let this new year ring in with much luck and good fortune!

I spent my new years with the Popovics. They had their serb friends over that live in Boston. It was great! The boy my age and I got along pretty well. I guess I'm the only one of Esther's friends he talked to. Besides Avani who is a Sophomore. Anyway!! I feel pretty fucking special about that. He's pretty cute too, but he needs to mature a little more. I'm a girl and we just tend to understand the proper things in life quicker. Sorry boys! But god it's motherfucking true.

Anyway, as soon as it turned to be 12 AM I got a strange text from my sister, Sasha. She texted me saying how much she loved me and it was a whole paragraph and after I replied with a paragraph, she announced that she was crying because she loved me so much. Now, she was drunk, so don't get me wrong she was completely emotional, but it was really sweet. I guess she really doesn't take me for granted. And I guess I knew that all along, but it's still nice to get a message or an actual "I love you" every now and then.

Now, I've got something important to tell you guys. You can't start judging and looking at me like a disgrace however. You just need to be supportive and understanding when I tell you this. So are you motherfuckers ready?

Shirley had sex with her boy toy Peeta. Or did. It didn't happen on new years. She absolutely didn't start the new year with that sort of bang! In fact it happened the day after Christmas and a few days after that. Now, she doesn't know I know. Esther told me. I'm going to wait to see how long it takes for Shirley to tell me actually.

My god. My mind is so jumbled up. I don't even think I can write.

She's only motherfucking 14-years old. Sure, she's turning 15 this year and I'm one of the younger ones in our group of friends, but that's going a little too far with a guy. At least for our age. Motherfucker. What a slut!

Make matters worse the whole Tyler thing turned out to be a scam. She is just using me to get to him. Esther reminded me how sly that bitch is. Ugh, it's so awful but I had to lie to her to make me not hang with them. In fact I should be hanging with them today, but hell no I'm not! Especially when she fucked a guy? She does not deserve anybody else but Peeta. Who actually is like totally in love with her. It's pathetic. And sweet. All at the same time. I hope that makes sense.

Now tomorrow is school and everything is going to be very, very interesting for a while.
I have my hoebag of a friend, Shirley. I have Esther who is the only person I like that's battling out my long feud with Shirley. Then I have my medical books I need to read all of by the end of the year. I have my tennis I'm really going to focus on. And most importantly, I'm going to find myself in an everlasting war of evening out my hardwork (tennis, school, medical shit) and my partying life (now that needs no explanation.) It's not going to be easy, but with me being able to write, er type, in this journal I think that I can handle it. I can see my life in a more objective standpoint. I can make my decisions better and much easier. I love this. I love you guys! I love everything right now, but then again that may just be my "New Years celebration" mood. Every spirit is uplifted then. And if you're not then you're just a little bitch who can't enjoy the little things in life. Fuck you and start having fun!!

It's the little things in life that counts.

Signing out,
Brooke Something

P.S. I mentioned to Esther about writing to you guys and journal. However she doesn't know the website nor is smart enough to figure it out. But that's not the point. The point is she's inspired in writing a journal too! It's just going to be on pen and paper.

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