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2012-12-30 22:59:29 (UTC)

You Know Too Much

December 30, 2012 Sunday 11:00 PM

So for those of you reading my diary. If you are anonymous, meaning if I have no fucking idea who you are, I ask you please to send me feedback.

I'm thinking about starting a new diary on here and if you'd like to follow it, I will gladly give you the name. If I don't start one on here, I will move to another site.

I know... Haha, you don't care. It doesn't matter since I won't be leaving this diary permanently.

The problem is, I'm beating myself up. Too many people know what happens to me, they know that I "bloodlet" myself. Meaning three people (whom I am close with) know what I do and I am starting to hate how vulnerable I feel.

And its not like I am vulnerable for any good reason.

So I want to find another site. Again.. If you know any good ones, send me some feedback please? I always have a hard time leaving my diaries (I get too attached) but if I don't hold in my thoughts or keep them secret from this thing, I won't stop thinking about it and regretting it.

I need to do this.

But again, its not like you care... I guess these words are just for me. Proof that I said this and that I can't take it back. I could always delete my entries, but even though I find myself annoying, I never do because it just makes me feel like a liar.

I'm deleting part of myself and no one can see it. I want people to see it.

At the same time, I guess its too much to handle... Having three people I know, knowing.

Okay. I'll be back tomorrow with some more random writing...

But this won't be my very best friend anymore. How upsetting.

I'll get over it.

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