The Anonymous Writer

The Journal With No Name
2012-12-30 19:53:52 (UTC)

Expect The Unexpected

Dear Journal,

Today has gotten a lot better from yesterday. Although my black booties are broken! (The zipper came off.) But I'm sure we can get those fixed. Just like I fixed up the argument I had with Shirley about Tyler.

I'm going to hang out with those two, and she promised she wouldn't kiss him. It won't be at my house anymore too. I made an excuse for them to not be hanging out there just so my parents don't know I'm hanging with Sophomore boys. Instead we are going downtown to hang out and he's inviting a friend for me to talk to. I'm also going to ask Esther to join me since I'm not looking for a relationship right now. Plus, I'm really awkward around people at first unless I have a group of friends with me.

Oh, and I forgot to mention something.

Tyler isn't going to do anything "sexually" to her. That's what he said. I mean as long as he's single.. which is fantastic! But also bad because I told my dear tennis friend Gina about what was going on like I did to you guys in my entry. Now I know it's bad to gossip and all, especially about my friends, but I just wanted somebody that knew Dakota to know what was going on just in case Dakota started hating me because she thought I was involved with the scandal. (I only care about Dakota hating me because she's going to be on the varsity tennis team with me for the next couple of years.)

Alright, well that's pretty much it for today. Unless you really want to know about me actually being excited about playing Sims 3 the first time in months. Or if you wanted to know that Esther's really cute cousin-but-not-actually-blood-cousin-nor-stepcousin is in town. He's exactly my age too. Heh. New Years Eve is going to be interesting. I just have a feeling that it might be a hell of a night. I can hardly wait!

I just need to get a ride home from Esther's. My parents are going to be out doing a 1920s murder-mystery thing with a bunch of doctors. So does that mean anybody wants to drive me home?

Signing out,
Brooke Something

P.S. Always expect the unexpected. It's better to not be surprised about something. Just keep that in mind, it was a good lesson for me to learn.

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