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2012-12-28 17:11:21 (UTC)

He makes me so volatile. Being..

He makes me so volatile. Being around him in the same house as him. In less than 24hrs I've gone from ok average angry,.to raging over the slightest thing. The more anger I feel the more I want to punish him. Them. Its this intense rage - I get hot at the time. Bit my hand so hard as I imagined how an actual physical fight would go down. He'd ask me an accusatory question. Id respond In a defensive tone, voice slightly raised. Then he'd hit me across my face, and I snap. I lash out at him like and animal kicking biting throwing glass. Injuring him. Hence the bite Mark.

After all this anger subsides, and it does, what's left is guilt. It eats you up. Exhausting.