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2012-12-27 20:18:16 (UTC)

Family Dinners

Dear Journal,

Today I had the modern family dinner. You know the one? Where your family goes out to eat and updates each other on shit that goes on with one, another? Yeah, I had that with my 2 college sisters and parents. It wasn't so bad actually. I love each one to death, despite there being major personality differences.

Let's just say Jamie is a complete prepster and try-hard. Sasha on the other hand, is actually like a hippy in every way possible. As for my parents? My dad is a really sweet, funny guy. He just does not have the capacity to remember tidbits of what you talk about due to his own hectic lifestyle to maintain my mother from not being any worse than she is now. Oh and then there's my mom. She works really hard and there are times where I have a genuine love for her. She's just completely miserable. And turning into a complete snob.

Then again, everybody in my family is miserable. Some are happier than others, some worse enough to take depression meds.

Anyway, back to the dinner. So um.. yeah dinner went well. Honestly, it was the car ride home that wasn't exactly the best. And I'm sorry for pulling another sad story on you guys. I promise I'll put in something really cheerful when the time comes. It's just.. this car ride made me so upset.

I get upset a lot now probably because I'm a hormone, crazed 13-year-old girl. I'm getting moody. Nothing I can make an excuse out of that one.

But this car ride? Egh. It made me so upset. I don't even know how it began, but I remember getting upset when my dad started making fun of Les Miserables. (The one that is a movie, not the play.) He was just singing, narrating his life. My sisters were laughing. It would be really funny from an outside perspective. I just couldn't stand how he was mocking such an amazing movie... for the 5th time now. So I said something. I put my tiny, barely 7 1/2 foot down.

That's where the fight started. It was about me yelling at my parents, mostly my mom, for being so judgmental. (If you've read "Introduction" then you know I have no patience for judging in that fashion.)

Basically it went like this:

Dad: I am siiiiiinging. I am driiiiiiiving. I am siiiiiiinging once agaaaaaain!
(Chuckles comes from the back of the car.)
Me: Can you please stop? Les Miserables was such a great movie. It got standing ovations in the smarter parts of this country.
Dad: Sorry, I make fun of everything. You know that!
Me: Not everything... not those action movies you watch, not poker, not anything you actually really care about besides this family.

Mom: Does anybody still want to go to the Van Mustington's?
(A big no comes from every child in the car.)
Me: I'm sorry. I'm just really tired. Plus, I don't really like the Van Mustingtons. I'm getting really sick of them.
Sasha: Yeah, I agree.
Dad: See, Lydia? (This is directed to my mom.) It's not only coming from me about this opinion about the Van Mustingtons.
Me: They just judge a lot.... and think they're better than us. And I don't like having to hang out with Bea all the time, especially in a big group of people, just so she won't cry about her hard life.

Side note: Her brother is in rehab for hard drugs. Got kick out of one place, and relocated to another on the beach. Also she's not the center of attention in the family and she's sick of it. (She can do something about the last part of her problem though.)

Mom: Okay. I'll just let them know. Just remember that when we first moved out here, they were the only welcoming family.
Me: That's because nobody else wanted to hang out with them! They had plenty of friends until they realized what snobs they are. I literally go to school and when somebody hears I'm friends with the Van Mustingtons they look at me like I'm crazy. (They don't know much about Bea's brother. It's the snobbiness people don't appreciate.) Honestly, why can't you be better friends with Esther's family?
Mom: Esther's family? Egh!
Me: Why are you so judgmental? It's not like living in a complex apartment is a big deal.
Mom: It's not that. The dad is just crazy. He almost walked out on his family to Colorado.
Me: You don't know the reason why. You shouldn't be so quick to judge. I really wouldn't mind him as a father! He's just gone through more than you'll ever have to go through.
Mom: What has he gone through?
Me: I don't think you deserve to know. Your way too judgmental and that needs to stop.

And from then on, it just got pretty ugly.

Want to know why I stuck up for Popovics? It's because the dad was going to walk out on his wife thinking she cheated on him again. They still have issues. All families have issues. and at least he decided to stay at home to be with his daughters. So it's really not like he's insane. He went to Harvard for god's sake. Not only that, but he has a of stress to cope with like I've mentioned in an early entry.

I just hate judgmental people. Why does my mom have to be one of them?

As for my dad mocking Les Miserables. Well, that's just him trying to lighten up the ride home. It just wasn't the smart move. He knew I hated him doing that. But it wasn't like he was judging an actual human being.

Oh gosh. You all probably think I hate my life when it really is great. You think I just complain and whine and make excuses.

I'm sorry. I don't. I'm just tired of all of the judging going around. Why can't we all give another person slack for being slightly different or even slightly dysfunctional? There's always a reason behind it. Give that person some time before you start deciding that you're "above them."

Signing out,
Brooke Something

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