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The Journal With No Name
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2012-12-27 12:13:59 (UTC)

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Dear Journal,

Esther hasn't tried to talk to me yet. She's still flustered with me projecting out my feelings like that. Plus I bet you anything she's waiting for me to cave in and apologize. Ha! That's not going to happen. Now don't mistake me for acting like a surly, little girl. I'm very friendly actually. In fact sometimes I find myself being too nice to people. I just want the world to be a better place and figure acts of random kindness might get the next joe out there to do something sweet. But you know what? People have been taking advantage of me for a long time now! Welcome to the new Brooke, readers. The Brooke who's going to take charge and put her 7 1/2 foot down.

Maybe I can even shove my 7 1/2 foot in that tennis player's face....

The first girl I played in the tournament was such a cunt. I don't even usually say that word. It seems so provocatively rude. It's true though. That girl was a cunt. Cunt. Cunt. Cuntingly cunt cunter cunt. Ha.. okay I'm done with that. Sorry you had to read that. Cheaters just make my blood boil. (Does anybody normal say that anymore? Ok. I'm not normal, but still.) Literally she cheated me until the very end. AND GAME POINT? I had the ball whip right pass her, not even touching the line and you know what happened? You want to now what the slutbag did? She called it out. FUCK HER! I called her out on it and even the people in the stands looked like they were rooting for me. Okay, well maybe not the kid's mother. That woman started furiously shaking her head whispering to her child to keep her grounds on her call. Ughh.. people these days. They just make my blood boil. Cheaters and crybabies.

Wait. Did I not even tell you the worst part about her? And yes there is something worse than cheating in tennis. (At least for me.) It's when your opponent is a complete cry baby. I can't recall a point that she lost that she didn't violently slap her thigh or scream out like she was in labor. I just can't recall it. Now, I know for the smart people reading this you may be thinking, "Somebody that is obviously that emotionally unstable is good to beat! She can easily be broken down, give you points, and then finally crush that hoe!" Well, I wish it was that easy. I tried my best in fact, but my lack of practice before that tournament didn't really help my cause.

Oh well. I just have to let my past go. I have another match tomorrow at 9:30. Wish me luck.

Signing out,
Brooke Something

P.S. Isn't it interesting that the most wonderful time of the year can turn out to be so chaotically stressful? The holidays really put pressure on everybody. Just a food for thought.

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