2012-12-25 05:15:46 (UTC)

A beautiful Mind

I seek an open mind. A mind not bounded my culture, my surroundings, and myths or so called facts. I seek to think beyond the boundary I have been put. I seek a mind respectful of God and righteous; ultimately, I seek a humble mind. A mind that never stops seeking the next step, a mind that will take me further than I think I can go. I want a mind liberated from my circumstances, a mind full of Joy. Joy is spiritual, happiness is bounded by circumstances. A joyous mind transcends all circumstances. I want a mind that even though things around me seem sad, disappointing, hurtful and hopeless yet joyful. A mind that will fulfil its potential, a mind that will seek and reach the point of its destiny. A mind that will not sit on his laurels, a mind that will push me to great heights. A mind that will conquer laziness, procrastination and vanity. I seek a serious mind, a mind beyond lust and earthly gains. I seek a mind of success, a successful mind where success is beyond material gains. A mind successful by its principle, its righteousness and its discipline. I seek a beautiful mind.