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2012-12-25 05:14:57 (UTC)

A short note to Santa Claus

Dear Santa,
A lot of people say you are a myth that you really don’t exist while some people swear by you. For me, you seem so real and you bring happiness to so many people. I finally got to tell you my wishes for this Xmas. Hooray! I thought and wait by my chimney to see Santa deliver my presents. Maybe Santa had so many presents to deliver, it was Xmas eve to be fair and Santa was probably too busy. This little boy waited and waited. Santa did not come and still no Xmas present. There is still time anyway (I hope) my Xmas is not yet over. I was hoping you will take me away, take me away from down under and take me to Lapland. I need you to distract me, put me on your sleigh and whisk me away to your world.