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2012-12-24 21:53:36 (UTC)

Jogging and Eating

December 24, 2012 Monday 9:54 PM

"A Match Into Water" by Pierce The Veil

Marina invited me to jog with her around eleven thirty. We met up at Emma Willard, the girl's boarding school in my town, at around noon. We didn't really jog. We jogged some of the way, but because we are both recovering from being sick and she only wanted to jog so she wouldn't have a hard time at basketball practice after break, we mostly ran and talked.

At some point, we stopped at Aaron's but she was at her mom's so we just sat outside her apartment because it was cold outside D:

OF COURSE, when I got home I ate too much and felt sick and hated myself, but I'll have to deal with that.

Last night I told Marina something kind of big, just testing it out, trying to see how people would react. You know, sexuality. I think she was fine with it, but she said it was "cool that you're experimenting with girls".

Um. Well, I don't really think I'm experimenting, as I haven't done anything with any girl, except for before I moved to California (and back again) and that was really weird because I was a child for fuck's sake and things like that shouldn't happen. I don't think I even want to remember it.

Just to clear it up, I told her I didn't feel weird about any of my friends. I felt like she was imagining me looking at every girl and trying to picture them naked - ah, I don't do that with guys (mostly) therefore I do not do that with girls... (Mostly).

Face it, girls are beautiful creatures, and yeah I would definitely like to date one sometimes, but being me that will most likely never happen because I am a little turtle who will die alone.

I would also like to date a guy, but that doesn't seem to be in my future either.

Not to sound like a brat, but why did Caroline get all the good genes? I mean, she's pretty.

Boys whistled at her when she was fifteen. She had a boyfriend for four years. ETHAN liked her. She has a million liked on her pictures and statuses. And then comes me, the hermit...

I'm not jealous of her, though. I love her to death. We had sister-sister time today. :)
We made sugar cookies and decorated them for santa and we watched harry potter: the prisoner of azkaban

(my parody of that is "The Prisoner of AssKabam. It's a gay rape love story thing. I don't know. Lily wanted me to tell a story.... So I did. Haha.)

while eating quesadillas.

I realized yesterday when Ethan was making fun of us that.. Me and my sister do not speak to each other normally. O.O

We speak in Dobby voices, or just this really high pitched thing and make strange faces during conversation.

I swear you cannot tell how weird I truly am from how I write. I may have strange, dark thoughts but usually I am wiggling on the floor making noises and flapping my tongue at people, just because it's fun.

Anyway, Merry Christmas Eve! Hopefully, I won't get another too-small, too-fluffy sweater from my Grandma... AGAIN.

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