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2012-12-24 08:31:22 (UTC)


December 24, 2012 Monday 8:31 AM

"In The Clouds" by Under The Influence Of Giants

You know how in the movies, the camera focuses on the main characters eyes as they sleep before they suddenly snap open and the character sits up really fast?

That's how I woke up at eight twelve. That is the reason I am awake. Except for, I was just lying on my side seemingly as deep as I could be into my dreams (which were wierd) when my eyes opened and I felt all sweaty and hot.

So I clambered out of my bunk thing. I sleep on a loft bed, which I think is the reason I randomly wake up sometimes. The heat rises and pulses around me for hours until I wake up. -_- I don't think this is scientifically accurate.

But the thing is, I have been sleeping in this bedroom since August, when Caroline went to college and I moved out of my small square bedroom and took the loft room. Yeah. I slept normally.

But ever since last week, I can't sleep past nine thirty. I always wake up randomly and I can't get back to sleep.

I went to bed last night at twelve eleven... My eyes were closed, I was about to slip into my dreams when something licked my finger, but roughly. I opened my eyes, but it was just my cat, Keeko. She figured out how to climb the loft.

So then I had some wierd dreams.

I guess I was at school, but the school was like in a huge glassy building and we were on one of the top floors, I think. The teacher gave us a project and he had an english accent. He told us we'd have a week to write down who our heroes were on a piece of paper before we would make a poster of them.

Who knows what I did during the rest of the class, but everyone else was practically done with their paper when the bell rang and we left.

Somehow a week passed, and I was like "Oh shit, homework, aahehehgh" but I didn't know who to choose. I guess Molly Weasley from Harry Potter existed, so I wrote her name down.

Under "What Problems Did This Character Face?" I put, "Chamber of secrets was opened, one of her children was kidnapped."

Who knows why i chose that particular book. Then, I bounced around like in a video game. I had three lives and I almost lost when I fell on the spikes twice.

Yeah Okay. I went to go check on Caroline, and I found her asleep in her bed next to Ethan.

I think they used to make out and things but when I went through Caroline's facebook messages, she told him they should stop or something because she had to go to college and Ethan was a year younger than her.

Turns out, it is most likely that Ethan will go to Bard as well, unless he is accepted by Cornell. He's really smart.

Okay, I'm going to go be not naked, now. I'm completely in the nude at this moment because after I woke up, I took a shower.