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2012-12-23 12:29:57 (UTC)

Aaron's House

December 23, 2012 Sunday 12:30 PM

I'm at Aaron's helping her babysit these little monsters. Eh, they're not so bad. I really like kids.

Over the summer, I got a certification to be a babysitter, so I kind of remember how to keep them not-dead. I love babysitting kids, I have no idea why.

I mean they're so cute and evil.

So we're babysitting Aaron's little sister, who is five: Amber. We're also babysitting Julie's (Julie is Aaron's dads girlfriend) who are six and seven. The six year old is Steve and the seven year old is Kara.

Steve is nice, he always wants me to sit next to him! Kara can be nice but... not all the time. Amber is an angel, as usual.

So I guess Aaron is going to start reading my diary.

I'm really hot and my hair is gross. It sucks because when I go home, my house is going to be full of people for my moms birthday party.

I guess I will just have to make do.