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2012-12-22 11:21:04 (UTC)

Nothing but Rain!

It's a cold, wet morning and it has been raining constantly. It seems like this rain will go on forever and there are even flood alerts in place all over the country. It was supposed to be the End of the World come 21st December but that never took place so I guess life continues on as usual. Christmas is almost here and I guess snow is definitely not on the agenda that's a shame as it's always nice to have some snow at Christmas it sets the scene so to speak.

Anyway, I'm trying to exercise my left leg as it's giving me a little pain and it relates to my pulling a muscle in my calf several days ago; I thought the pain would have disappeared by now. This is just a short entry, it's time for me to go, nothing more to say right now. End of log.

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