Fallen from Grace
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2012-12-21 14:03:31 (UTC)

Secret Deeds

So recently I filled for food stamps. They back paid me so when I got them I had 1300 dollars. I called them to make sure it was right. It was no error but then they told me if I didn’t get below 1000 before they put more money on it They would take the balance down to 200. I thought to myself… Hmmm I have in my hand the chance to do something really good. I took two people I know shopping for there house. The look on there face made me warm inside. I really like to help where I can. I would not broadcast my deeds or who I helped but. I hoped that I would tip the scales of Karma and I will get that Job I want for Christmas.

Looks like I may get what I was hoping to get most. Yesterday was a good day. I went to walmart. I found a $20 bill in the parking lot. As I was checking out with Modern Warfare 2 Mike called me and said I got a job interview on of all days… Xmas eve. I can’t wait. Today is Yule. The celebration of winter as a season. I am very happy lately. I am taking this medicine from a clinical study. Abilify makes my life better by far. I actually enjoy it again instead of just enduring my day. I have also decided that I am going to get a pen pal. I want to be able to brighten peoples day so why not.

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