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2012-12-20 21:12:45 (UTC)

My Extensive Vocabulary

December 20, 200000012 Thuuuursday 9:13:21345678 PM

"Wish You Were Here" by Pink Floyd

I have such a great vocabulary.

Haha. Sarcasm. It sucks. Most of the words I know are used to describe depressing situations, or are related to something dark and scary.

My favorite words are:

1. Nullity

2. Woven

3. Deterioration

Okay, so woven isn't that bad but nullity and deterioration are both kind of.... I dunno, "It was a dark stormy night" kind of words.

I can barely describe things that are nice-looking. I usually use the words beautiful, gorgeous, amazing, awesome but those words are stupid and I'm beginning to hate them. I need new words, wah! So that is my quest for Christmas Vacation. New favorite words describing HAPPY things.

Okay, so some more things. I am very passionate about two things in life: Writing and Drawing. Usually I sketch, but I recently got a charcoal set and I'm super excited because I NEED TO MASTER THEM.

If I get better, my momma and I will go to Michael's and buy this art table that i really wanted. But I have trouble sticking with my hobbies (I am not reliable) so I need to work on that.

Speaking of which, I'm thinking about restarting piano. I had been playing for four years before I quit lessons last year because I utterly embarrassed myself in front of my wonderful piano teacher. It was so bad.

I refuse to let her see my face ever again. EVER. I didn't even go to the grocery store for months after I quit lessons because I was so scared I would see her there, in her little mini cooper.

Another random, pointless thing that floated across my thoughts and somehow found the spotlight.