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2012-12-20 12:44:04 (UTC)

A Very Wet Day!

It's raining outside and it's just so miserable. This weather is set to continue over the next few days and it's keeping me indoors as I miss out on my cycling. I went for an early morning walk on Tuesday and I suddenly experienced this pain in my lower left leg. This came as quite a surprise as I haven't experienced anything like that before. Anyway, it prevented me from walking properly and I still have the pain now although it's not as painful. I hope it's nothing serious. I probably pulled a muscle or something; don't they say you have to stretch muscles before you do any kind of exercise? Well, I've never done that. I'm closely monitoring my calf and if the pain continues I may head on down to my doctor to find out any hidden truths!

I passed my IT exam yesterday which I'm really pleased about and so I have two further exams to take. The exam yesterday was giving me a real headache as I failed that exam twice and it took the third try for me to pass. Otherwise I'm continuing to study and revise today and life goes on I guess. End of log.

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