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2012-12-20 04:54:34 (UTC)

An Act of Bravery

An incidence from my dream........

I was scared, my feet couldn't move, it felt like something freezed me. I was just picking my cell which fell down while I was trying to take out my scooty. I never preferred to go to such abandoned place alone but when my work demanded, I behaved like a courageous lady and went ahead but when I heard those words, all my audacity suddenly disappeared.
A stranger was standing just at a little distance from me, though I couldn't see her but could hear every word she said, thanks to my over attentive and sharp ears. I had imagined such an incidence happening several times in my life earlier as I wanted to be a hero and exactly knew what I would do in such a circumstance but when the situation actually arrived, I was clueless about my next stride.
The girl spoke about the 4 bombs they were going to plant at 4 different places in the coming week. I wanted to see who she was and whom she was talking to but I knew even a slight careless move could cost me my life and may be several others too so I decided to behave like a mice, who moves so mutely that no one knows when and where it goes.
I kept hiding myself behind the vehicles, most of them ruddy with dust except mine which looked, not much, but a little fresh. While I progressed closer to them, I threw myself on the floor completely to stay away from their sight, and managed to get a glimpse of the lady and the man she was talking to. They looked very ordinary yet the act they were planning was so hideous. I didn't fool around with much bravery and skidded from the place as soon as I could, thinking I would take my scooty later as that was not as important as my existence and others life.
I sauntered as fast and as far as I could, till I saw a few people walking on the street. There was an empty bench round the corner and I settled myself there. I took a sigh of relief; it felt as if I had just escaped from the clutches of aliens who drink human blood. I immediately called my most trusted friend who knew come important people under the law and himself was a famous personality in the business world.
In the evening, he took me to one of his uncle, who looked like a modern Einstein with his hairstyle and sat before a desktop, with a huge spectacle on his eyes, looking intensely at the screen. When we told him the entire story, he told my friend to make some calls using VoIP and planned to do certain things on his own. He asked me to give particulars to the police commissioner who would be arriving soon.
While they were doing their part, I was waiting impatiently for mine and as the commissioner entered, I blurted out all the secrets from my mind. Just when I was finished, I saw a lady passing the lane at a distance, visible from the window. I instantly pointed out that she was one of the accomplice in the designed plan and on commissioners demand, she was chased without wasting time.
By the next day, both culprits were arrested while my identity was kept undisclosed till then. My friends expertize in technology led us to more information about the people involved and the whole operation was carried out secretly and most efficiently than one could expect from Indian police without even media knowing about what was happening.
All the bombs were discovered even before they were planted from an old man, who lived in a busy society of the small town of our country for long but worked for a terrorist arm of other country.
When everything was accomplished smoothly, the officials asked me if they could give me the gallantry credit but I refused and requested them to let my identity be a secret. My friend, however, was much affected by the incidence and decided to join uncle in his work which he appreciated much. My friend would chase the wanted, electronically monitoring their activities, helping the government and in turn the people of the country.
I went home peacefully with no mention to anyone, about what had happened in past two days but the story would always remain close to my heart, in my memories.

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