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2012-12-18 20:10:03 (UTC)

What Now?

It seems like I am drawn to this website like a magnet and I just find it a great comfort to do some writing here. There are some people that hate to write but I am totally the opposite I love to write but sometimes I must admit I do suffer writer's block. When I feel all down and depressed I come to the computer and try to release some of my thoughts that cannot be doing me any good by keeping them imprisoned within my mind.

So, here I am and I suppose I should be revising right now for my exam this Friday but I just had to take a few brief moments away from that. I'm sitting in the dark in my bedroom and everything is a mess there's clutter everywhere. I keep saying to myself that I will tidy things up but then I just get the thought that I really cannot be bothered. I mean, who is there to tell me any different as I live alone and I am content in my own little way. I'm trying to build up the courage so that I can experience new things in 2013. I just feel that I have not experienced enough in my life and as always, money is a factor I just don't have enough of the green stuff.

Ok, ok, better stop! I must resume my revision and hope for the best. It was nice to take a little time out from that though. Thanks for reading and stopping by whomever you may be. End of log.

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