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2012-12-18 10:48:01 (UTC)

Just Another Day

So here I am once again trying to make some sense of my thoughts and inner most feelings. I'm sitting at my computer trying to prepare myself for an exam that I will be taking on Friday and I really hope that I pass. Friday is also the last day of class so it would be a good time to actually pass my exam. This particular exam I have failed twice and I have no shame in admitting to that. I have studied so hard and I'm hoping that this reaps the results.

I have a full day of study ahead of me; it's not something I want to do particularly but I know that I have to push myself and persevere otherwise I won't achieve anything. I'm still trying to secure my first job in IT but this isn't easy with so many people applying for the same job. You really have to stand out from the crowd and I don't know what else to do other than to continue doing what I'm presently doing. I have my cv out there on the majority of the jobsites and every now and then I may get a response but as always it doesn't amount to anything.

Anyway, I cannot spend too much time here. I will be getting through many cups of tea as I progress through my studies and revise for my upcoming exam. Christmas is literally a few days away and well I will definitely take time out from my studies over Christmas, I need the break so to speak. End of log.