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2012-12-18 09:10:28 (UTC)

Siege Mentality

I truly believe my wife has a siege mentality. She must be feeling it is her against the world. She has dug her heels in and she is determined to continue with the current impasse in our lives. I don’t know exactly what is driving her but I guess like everyone else she can only use the tools at her disposal. I don’t think she has the right tools to deal with our current situation and also I think her character is such that she feels very comfortable in conflict. She will pursue this action to the bitter end if left to her devices. I noticed the presents she wrapped under the Xmas tree for the kids were addressed such as ‘My princess’, ‘My champion’….she even used a different wrapping paper from mine, while I simply wrote the kids name on their presents to indicate they came from both of us especially as we agreed on who should buy what for the children, yet she still differentiates. Any of her siblings or our friends that do not agree with her stance ‘is taking my side’, while I tend to tell anybody that doesn’t agree with me that ‘I disagree with you’. I don’t know where she gets the strength and determination to pursue this current agenda.