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2012-12-18 09:02:56 (UTC)

Crying out my pain

I wish I could just lock myself up in a room and just cry out from deep in my guts….I am carrying too much …..i just wish I could shed them out b crying…isn’t crying supposed to make you feel better?
I want to cry out for the hurt I caused…I know she feels so hurt and unfortunately so bitter that that dark bitterness is consuming her…..I want to cry out my hurt…all the hurt I have been feeling for the last 2 years….her tryst or whatever it was with her boss at work….her disdaining of me….my feeling of despair when I realised she was no there for me….my sadness when my whole life started collapsing in front of me….the hurt I felt by her treatment….the anger at the lack of respect from her…I wish I could just cry out all these burden……