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2012-12-16 22:28:51 (UTC)

Conquering Death

One thing that is certain in this life is death. What we don’t know is just when it will happen. Because it can happen at any time why can’t we be prepared for it? This is one thing I still struggle with. Nothing hurts deeper. Nothing feels as bad. On the outside it looks like I am coping with the death of my 2 friends that dieed in a plane crash earlier this year. Most times I am okay but something they appear in my dream together or alone. The dream is just a normal everyday activity usually but what strikes me is that I see their positive characters, theeir strong characters, the beaty and how kind and striong they were. I really enjoy the time I have with them in my dreams but I wake up and I realise it is a dream and the tears flow and I am consumed all over again with sadness. I truly appreciate the little time I spent with them and although I miss them I know it will be well eventually.