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2012-12-16 04:27:46 (UTC)

12/9/12 Sun

-J came to get me at cookie's; i have tons of things to do; of course she wanted to come alone; came home at 10am and shower and leave house to pick her up at noon;
-had 米线 in millbrae--wasn't good; i don't know what is she thinking letting J pay every time; who would want to take her again;
-foster city Verizon hoping to swap #s but she said couldn't do;
-Hillsdale Macys and nordstrom to return stuffs; couldn't exchange the Swarovsky ring;
-Marina bought a lot of food; too late to eat in a restaurant so we ate rice plate there--too salty
-came back to cookie's to get her things and J dropped us off work; was too late to watch camera recording

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