Dave's journal
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2012-12-15 06:11:56 (UTC)


life is a journey, everyday u experience new things tht alter ur view of the world, ur view on life. our perception is our reality, if we see things as drab and dark, our world will be the same way, our life will be dark. we are the creators and the dictators of our lives. we control how we live how we see how we are. there is no grand design, no divine plan, made by some higher being. if there is a higher being or power, all it does is watches, sending us the tools we need to live our life but never living it for us. we choose our fate, we make our world, we are god of our lives, each one of us is perfect and filled with an amazing power, each one of us is connected to the same power, the essence of life, the soul of the universe, consciousnesses. we are all one of the same, a drop of water in an ocean of power. all connected, part of the same thing, but many only see things in an independent way. like everyone is independent from everyone else, which is true, but not the whole picture. the whole picture is unity. we are all connected and everything happens for a reason. be it something as beautiful as a shooting star, giving hope to a child in a dark place, or as tragic as a plane full of people crashing into a building, ultimately leading to a higher security. when we learn to accept everything tht happens, no matter what it is, we become enlightened to our world, our selves, and everyone around us. when we learn to love our selves just the way we are, we open our hearts to the world and love everything it creates. love is the light within us all tht can never die.

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