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2012-12-14 07:22:55 (UTC)

The work is going on

I can’t sit down in my cosy abode and start feeling sorry for myself. My marriage is heading for a crash…there are many people in similar or worse situations. History is littered with the suffering of men….what have I gone through? Can I compare my suffering to that of the Native Americans in the early 19th century, who had struck treaties with and fought alongside the burgeoning white population, and were driven out of their ancestral lands. They were forced to embark on a brutal (during winter) 1,000 mile march westward known as the “Trial of Tears”. Can I compare myself to the young soldiers that fought during the First World War under terrible conditions? I have so many blessings….3 lovely (and different) children. God saw it fit to trust me with a child with Downs Syndrome. Even in my financial state, I am not on the bread line…I am still blessed enough to earn money to service my debt and live a comfortable live. I have the opportunity to improve my learning and enjoy many activities. Even in this dead marriage we are still providing what looks like good parental love to our children…..

John the Baptist who was not just very close to Jesus but he was also his cousin. When he was incarcerated, he was confident the Messiah was going to come and get him out of jail. Jesus did not. John was in this state of feeling sorry for himself and angry with Jesus. He sent a message to Jesus and Jesus responded telling him the work of God is going on….the hungry are fed, the blind can see etc.

The work should go on in our lives….we should continue to learn, enhance our career, expand our business even though we have that ‘issue’ in our life….