temperamental life
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2012-12-13 10:33:48 (UTC)

silent treatment

soooooo last night i got to stay at my boyfriend's but sone the time he got home from work and turned up at cricket at about 6:45 he didn't talk to me very much he went and spent most of the time talking to his brothers friends then when the game was over, my brother has this ball that can tell you the speed that you bowl the ball. he left me to go with the others to use the ball, i waited in the car for him,

when it was time to go he just looked at me and got in his mums car not in mine and went home, when i got to his house he sat with me for a bit but that was only because all the other couches were full as soon as everyone else had left the room he moved to the other one and once again i was left by my self.

he isn't usually like this.....

then we had to go shopping with his mum to get dinner and we waited in the car well his mum and younger brother went shopping, he didn't talk to me then either.
we got home and ate dinner and what ever ant to bed and at that moment i thought i would be sleeping alone, but he turned over and put his arm around me and cuddled me at that point i knew what ever was wrong he had forgotten about and that love was back.

i really do love him, even tho we sometimes have our problems but we always get through it xxxxxxxx