temperamental life
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2012-12-11 05:09:08 (UTC)


its always my fault, i have been trying to do the right thing for everyone and put my self out but it never works out for the best its always brought back on me. I'm sick of being picked on by the people who are suppose to be the ones that love me, give me a break no one is on my side I'm left to defend for my self. why can't they refer to me with my name not my age they should at least give me that amount of respect to use my name but no.

I'm never allowed to have a bad day, I'm always expected to have a smile on my face and appreciate everything well i don't i want to be able to express how i feel and be who i want to be without being yelled at or judged for my actions and words.

my partner is the most important person in my life an is always there for me no matter what, my family just needs to accept that he isn't going anywhere and that i love him, he has been by my side through all this bullshit and hasn't said a bad word about what i have said or done, it comes a point in your life where you just got to stand up and take control, he does anything for my family and they are just so ungrateful, he never gets any acknowledgement for the things that he does or an thanks so enough is enough he isn't going to de anything no more and i won't let him. our problems are ours and nobody is coming between us I'm just going to think of him from now on and make sure that we are going to be the happiest that we can be together.

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