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2012-12-10 21:52:45 (UTC)

More Words!

I'm sitting in my bedroom feeling very cold and isolated. The weather is definitely turning a lot colder now and I guess it's going to get worse before it gets better. I went on ebay and purchased a balaclava. I'm actually wearing the balaclava now and it feels kind of nice. I must admit it does look sinister but thankfully there are no laws in place to say that you cannot wear a balaclava in the street. I purchased it mainly for my early morning walks as the wind is bitterly cold and really bites into your bones.

I shall experiment tomorrow morning and try this balaclava out. I'm a little apprehensive but I shouldn't really be concerned about what others think. My only concern is that I should keep warm in the bitterly cold wind. Anyway, life goes on as usual. I'm still living a mundane existence but I have decided I am going to try and make some positive changes in 2013. I have to make more of an effort otherwise things will always remain the same for me. I had fish and chips for dinner this evening and it filled the gap at least, it only took fifteen minutes to prepare in the oven so not too bad. I'm not one for cooking generally although I must admit I would like to learn how to cook different things. My favourite dish has to be spaghetti bolognese and I definitely pile the spaghetti on the plate! I don't need to worry about putting on weight as I go for my early morning walk as mentioned.

I had an embarrasing moment the other night in that I sat on my glasses. They are reading glasses and so I don't have to wear them all the time. All the same, as a result of sitting on my glasses I suddenly noticed a subtle bend in the frame and so I slowly but surely bent the frame back into place so it looks ok now, at least they are not all over the place on my face! Now I'm tired so I'm going to return to the living room and relax in front of the television and then call it a night. I have to resume my studies tomorrow as I have an exam to take hopefully this Friday. End of log.