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2012-12-10 16:23:24 (UTC)

You Are Not My Friend

December 10, 2012 Mon. 4:32 PM

"Do Better" by Say Anything

[New favorite band, mwahah, but I can already feel the favorite-ness slipping away :(]

I'm in bed again. My day was partly interesting. I'm not going to run you through the whole thing because, well -- it's school. I guess today was a good day? Me and Aaron actually had a normal, fun conversation and this kid on the bus gave me a chocolate lollipop!!!

Guess what else... I got two letters! One from Aaron, and I wrote back, the second one from ~M!!!

I'm so excited.

So officially, ~M is a boy, which I had already assumed. He goes to a school in a city near mine that is famous for its horse racing tracks. I have no idea why he is trying to talk to me if he has read my diary, especially if he read the diary that I had before this one. I sound like... Oh, so gross, I can't even -- bleh.

I'm excited to write another letter to him. Only, I let Lily read the letter I got from him and I don't know if thats okay. I think it should be, since I am choosing to share with her something that is nearly all my personal information.

I want him to stay anonymous, I think. He's older than me. Yet another reason he should have ignored me completely. People are strange. We are not friends. Friendship is a mutual thing, and I barely know a thing about him. Part of my mind is saying, "Omfg you'll write letters back and forth, he'll open up to you, you guys will fall in love, you'll see him, he'll be amazing and you guys will get married and etc, happy ever after"

and then the rest of me is like:

HAH. No. Besides, I have absolutely no feelings for this person I HAVE NEVER MET and who would love me anyway? That's not a joke.

With me, you can't.

Oh, and I discovered I can be sexually attracted to girls. Oh. Like Makayla, she's really pretty and to tell you the truth, she oozes sexiness. Just saying. I'm not attracted to her in any other way, though. I see her as a distant friend, because we don't talk much :(

Well, that doesn't really effect me, I'm still trying to figure out if I'm bi. Still never crushed on a girl (or a boy). These people around here are simply not worthy of my affection! Haha, Veronica, you're so funny.

You lonely girl.

The letter from Aaron was about cutting so I wrote back about cutting. I'm going to go watch skins (UK bitchesss).

Peace!... Did I really just say that?

Okay, BYE!