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2012-12-06 20:05:33 (UTC)


I feel very calm and ok nowadays. I am scarred no more about any breakup. I get a lot of strength from Church service and I feel this current situation is designed to make both of us better people. I think I have become a much better person as I don't indulge any more in all of the vices that seem to enslave me in the past. I just want to study my course material go to the gym, enjoy my work make my business successful, learn my Salsa etc.

I do feel I have turned the corner especially after writing the letter and also sending another email requesting that I don't make a payment to her that was due and giving her all the good reasons why she should hold off for 2 weeks before I make the payments but she didn't. So right now I just don't feel any pain,, hurt or bitterness....I am just in a KOOL place.

I have promised God that I will be humble no matter what happens to me. I am beginning to walk in the path I was designed for.

I also draw comfort from a friend of mine...we fit so well and she gets me...