Fallen from Grace
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2012-12-10 03:02:17 (UTC)

Day 2 of meds

Well Diary I am on day 2 of my clinical trial. I am on 15mg of Abilify. Yesterday I took it without eating first and I paid for it. I spent all day in bed ill and hard core hot and cold flashes. It was insane. It takes 14 days to fully get in my system. I noticed a difference in myself today. I can actually focus. Irritability not quite there but hopefully that changes. I have not felt depressed all day.

I have been a lot quieter. Is that weird for me? Well not kinda. I like it. Its nice to just be cool not having to constantly been speaking. Now if I could just get content with the house being quiet. Silence is such an over bearing sound most of the time. I am breaking out of this cage… and getting through my issues one day at a time. Its hard hoping to get a job cause I have worked for them before an I get shot down.