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2012-12-10 02:27:39 (UTC)


As an artist through out most of my life, I understand the contingency of a heartfelt goal of success. You keep pushing yourself and going for the dream of a productive state of mind that is worth acknowledging with the people you love and respect. It does involve a great deal of self discipline and yes, motivation to realize honestly that no one is fighting it. They like to, through purpose, want the best for you even if it involves pressure...Pressure to be the best you can and a true champion of life...That's what I meant earlier, when I said it is all contingent upon, not only respecting your beliefs about life, but to know you belong and that you are loved by the community...So we say as an artist, I am a Warrior Philosopher ready and well prepared to share my thought provoking theory of The Quest for Truth...Yes and to always be thankful...Don. Larsen.

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