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2012-12-10 01:59:14 (UTC)


I'll begin with a question...Do you have a life of existence or do you seem to drift like the seagulls without a care in the world of what will you become in maturity? Do you believe that there are certain goals established that give purpose into your life? Like self discipline and and to understand the reasoning behind the human imagination as a self created state of knowledge? These are thought provoking questions that will establish it's beliefs and personal opinions about a God created identity. For there are examples of Integrity, respect, courage, loyalty and Honor. All characteristics of a moral self as an existence...Ultimately it's your destiny and what you believe, which I am not arguing, but it does require you to think out these questions for the eternal purpose of a God centered universe , which hopefully will establish it's ultimate goal of Peace & Prosperity...It's your choice, think it over honestly...